Asset Integrity Management

An industrial plant has thousands of assets such as valves and actuators, and monitoring all of them can be a monumental task. Tracking maintenance history, documenting re-certifications, anticipating new parts or replacements and determining repair intervals, and planning for an outage, can not only significantly stretch plant personnel, but have a huge impact on profitability. Emerson's Automation Solutions has developed a comprehensive Asset Integrity Management solution that helps customers make viable decisions around safety and reliability versus costs.

Emerson’s eDge solution globally integrates and aligns processes and data along the asset life cycle, 24/7, 365 days a year. A comprehensive offering, the eDge Asset Integrity Management solution enables customers to make the right decisions regarding asset maintenance in a preventive or even predictive way. eDge integrates several advanced services ranging from electronic asset tracking and documentation to advanced maintenance management methodologies such as Risk Based Inspection and Root Cause Failure Analysis.

eDge helps customers develop predictive and preventative maintenance programs to reduce their maintenance downtime and improve reliability. Users have shown 18% fewer repairs per year. eDge also diagnoses failures that occur so they are not repeated and the customer’s plant operates more safely and efficiently. Delivering tangible time and cost savings, eDge has led to a 22% reduction in cost per repair and a 35% overall reduction in repair costs.

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