Series 30-RS

Metal SeatedVanessa

A smarter solution for premium reliable performance, the Vanessa Series 30-RS offers dependable zero leakage* isolation across a wide range of general applications utilizing a safer positive pressure side bolted-on seat design compared to other bolted-on seat TOVs.

Industries: Oil and gas (storage, tank farm, airport tankage, import/export terminal, chemical storage), process (utilities inside refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants; HVAC, sugar, ethanol, pulp and paper) Fluids: Hydrocarbons (crude oil, naphtha, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, gasoline, sweet gases), utilities (water, wastewater, air, steam, nitrogen, thermal oil), chemicals (excluding corrosive/polymerizing/crystallizing/erosive chemicals), ethanol, black liquor, steam, water

  • The bolted-on seat is installed upstream (positive pressure side) in order to eliminate the risk of bolt failure while retaining pressure and minimize leakage through its gasket.
  • The all-metal construction ensures inherent fire-resistance - furthermore, metal sealing elements combined with torque seating and non-rubbing rotation provide improved life expectancy compared to standard soft-sealing butterfly valves and reduced need for maintenance.
  • Internal/external open close indicators and flange hole spot facing facilitate actuator installation when the valve is inline and maximize piping integrity.
  • The metal seal ring with its resiliency ensures perfect distribution of the seating force around the seat circumference which is machined with the same inclined conical shape.
  • Seal rings are manufactured in multi-layered (also known as “laminated”) duplex/graphite and are easily replaceable.
  • The one-piece shaft ensures high pressure containment safety/maximum torque seating integrity.
  • External emission risk is minimized with safer packing gland design.
  • Vanessa Series 30-RS does not feature any pins that could compromise shaft integrity by reducing its resistant section.
  • Robust bearings and thrust bearing are designed to withstand high pressure loads thus minimizing the risk of galling.
  • Vanessa Series 30-RS is designed to handle the risk of shaft extrusion both internally and externally in total compliance with existing international standards.

Technical Data


Metal seated - Triple offset


Up to Class 300


-20°F - +662°F


NPS 3-24



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