Reserve Capacity Relief Valve

Reserve Capacity Relief ValvesAnderson Greenwood

Designed to provide overpressure relief for large cryogenic storage volumes; enables emergency capacities protecting against adverse conditions.

Overfill The RCRV is capable of relieving the excessive vapor that may be generated under some level control failure conditions, where cold liquid could be pumped over the top of the inner wall and into the warm insulation space. Mechanical failure Should the inner wall on a double wall tank fail and permit liquid to pass through into the insulation space, excessive vapor will be generated rapidly and this can be relieved by the RCRV. Rollover The RCRV provides the very large orifice area needed to prevent excessive overpressure caused by boil-off of lower density product rolling up and over higher density product. Loading error The RCRV can provide the large capacity necessary to relieve the dangerous quantities of vapor produced when loading propane into a partially filled butane tank.

  • Large orifice area reduces dramatically the number of valves needed to provide safety.
  • O-ring seat provides bubble-tight performance to 90% of set pressure.
  • A combination of tension link and spring force holds the valve closed to provide positive opening at set pressure and bubble tight shut-off at reseat.
  • Full open at set pressure with no overpressure required for rated capacity.
  • Easy maintenance as all parts can be replaced with the valve installed, with the tank pressure at 50% or less of set.
  • Flange mounting with a flat face, smooth finish.
  • Reseat pressure is 50% of set.

Technical Data


Tank Protection System


Up to 3 psig




NPS 24-36



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