Liquid Storage Internal Tank Valves

Internal Tank ValvesAnderson Greenwood

Fail-safe isolation valves for bottom and side withdrawal tanks available in pivot-type, plug-type and side-mounted pivot-type models

Suitable for LNG peak shaving facilities, base load liquefaction facilities, import/receiving terminals that require high inflow velocities and side withdrawal double-walled tanks for liquid storage including LNG, LPG, NH3, LOX and LIN.

  • Fail safe isolation as the weight of the disc will always close the ITV when not being held open by the operator.
  • Self-seating disc designs provide perfect seating regardless of minor misalignments.
  • All SS construction and PTFE-coated rotating joints surface provide full compatibility with cryogenic temperatures.
  • Eliminates damaging up-loads on the tank bottom by limiting the force from the open and close operators.
  • Redundant opening cables provided to allow manual operation if necessary.
  • Pressure equalizing pilot valve integral with the valve disc.
  • Anti-vortex vanes counter the Coriolis effect, preventing lowered pressure and resulting product gasification during withdrawal.
  • Explosion-proof position indication limit switch (NEMA Type 7, Class 1, Groups C and D) mounted on the open operator available as an option.
  • Auxiliary close cables augment normal sealing forces and improve the system’s manageability.
  • Control panel option includes all components in a single weather-tight enclosure designed for roof installation and remote operation.

Technical Data


Internal Tank


Up to 100 psi


Cryogenic service


NPS 4-30



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