Series 5400A Flame Arrester

Flame DeflagrationVarec

The 5400A Series, Group “D”, end-of-line flame arrester is designed to prevent the propagation of flames into a storage vessel.

These units are generally used in conjunction with low flash point liquids and flammable gases or vapors throughout the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage and other industries where flame propagation is a potential problem.

The net free area through all Varec Flame Arrester banks is three to four times the unit pipe size. This design reduces surface friction, therefore, optimizing flow capacity and minimizing pressure drop. The large surface area of the bank also improves heat dissipation.
Varec 5400A Series Flame Arresters are designed with a spiral wound and crimped bank element. Maintenance of the bank assembly is relatively simple:
  • The tie rod bolts are removed and the remaining jackscrews expanded. This extends the end housings allowing the bank assembly to be easily removed.
  • A handle is provided for easy handling.
  • The bank element can be quickly inspected or cleaned and replaced between the end housings.

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