Type 4142 Piped Inlet Vacuum Valve

High Capacity VentsAnderson Greenwood

Weight or spring loaded valves with a side inlet capable of high capacity vacuum relief that vent to a closed header system. Designed to work closer to a tank's MAWV, increasing productivity, reducing emissions and product evaporation

Type 4142 valves allow tanks to work closer to their MAWV thus increasing productivity, reducing emissions and product evaporation. Increased flow capacities reduce the valve’s size, corresponding connections and piping costs in applications for storage tank farms, oil and gas production, the petroleum, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

  • Increased flow capacities reduce the required valve size and the corresponding connections and piping costs.
  • Fully open at 10% overpressure, enabling setting close to MAWV and minimizing tank emissions.
  • Large body for increased capacity providing high flow performance for full conformance to API2000/ISO28300.
  • Leakage rate of 0.5 scfh (0.015 Nm3 /hr) or less at 90% of setpoint.
  • Weight or spring loaded models available.
  • Choice of body materials.
  • Modular design enables all components to be removed and replaced in-situ for quicker, simpler maintenance.
  • Optional ‘all-weather’ coating prevents frozen condensate build-up and sticking of vital components in cold weather applications.

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Conservation Vents






NPS 3-12


Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel



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