Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves, Series MLCP

High Pressure PilotsAnderson Greenwood

A simple, high performance, cost effective internally-sensed modulating large capacity pilot (MLCP) operated valve

The MLCP is a modulating pilot operated valve designed for gas and vapor service which is ideal to protect gas distribution pipelines, positive displacement blowers and for applications that normally require spring loaded conservation vents.

  • Rigid integral pilot mounting eliminates the need for mounting brackets and lowers the center of gravity.
  • FKM soft seats and seals reduce emissions and product loss while minimizing maintenance costs.
  • Simple design helps reduce maintenance time.
  • Full bore orifices provide for maximum capacity, reducing valve and associated piping.
  • Internal sensing helps reduce maintenance time, provides for a more compact design and eliminates tubing and fittings.
  • Modulating action helps reduce product loss and maintains pressure stability in the system.
  • Full rated capacity at 10% overpressure allows for increased set pressures and/or a smaller valve in a given application.
  • Manual blowdown via field test connection.
  • Normally-closed solenoid valve at field test connection for remote valve opening (optional).

Technical Data


Pilot Operated


Up to 15 psi


-20°F - +400°F


NPS 2-6



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