Direct Spring Operated Pressure Relief Valves Series 60/80

Portable Thermal ReliefAnderson Greenwood

Premium performance direct spring operated pressure relief valves that use special internals and soft seats to provide optimum, accurate performance

Specific valve types are available for gas, vapor, liquid; gas or liquid thermal relief, steam, cryogenic and chemically active applications.

  • Soft seat design provides repeatable bubble-tight performance before and after each relief cycle.
  • Leak-tight performance near set pressure allows higher operating pressure, resulting in increased process throughput and system optimization.
  • Easily replaceable soft seat and seals eliminate expensive, time-consuming lapping of metal components, resulting in lower long-term maintenance costs.
  • Externally adjustable blowdown on Types 81/83/86 allows precise adjustment of reseat pressure without affecting set pressure adjustment. Blowdown can be adjusted with valve in service, helping eliminate the need for costly removal and/or system shut down.
  • Types 81/83/86 provide full lift at set pressure with no overpressure required. Minimizes possibility of freeze-up in applications involving a cryogenic or refrigerant and allows for D.O.T. applications to be set higher than Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure.
  • Type 81P spindle design balanced against the effects of back pressure without the use of a bellows, reducing both initial purchase and associated long-term maintenance costs.
  • Meet ASME Section VIII requirements, providing the user with third party verification of valve capacity and performance.
  • Comply with the EC Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Technical Data


Spring Operated


Up to 10000.35 psig


-423°F - +550°F


NPS ½-2



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