Model H70W

Root ValvesAnderson Greenwood

A chemical injection and instrumentation primary isolation root valve with a ⅜” (9.5 mm) bore for pressures to 6000 psig (414 barg)

The H70W is an ideal solution for the simple installation of chemical injection lines and instruments directly to a wellhead in conventional oil and gas production, reducing leak points, assembly time and installation footprint.

Soft-Seated Bonnet Assembly
The soft-seated bonnet assembly has a one-piece rotating stem and plug. The stem threads are rolled and lubricated to prevent galling and reduce operating torque. Available with a patented PTFE packing gland, which is adjustable in service, or with a Viton® O-ring and PTFE back-up ring. A protective dust cap is fitted to contain stem lubricant and prevent the ingress of contaminants. The standard hand valves have either 3/16-inch [4.8 mm] or 1/4-inch [6.4 mm] diameter orifice size. All bonnets are assembled with a bonnet locking pin to prevent accidental removal while in service.

Technical Data


Hand and Gauge Valves


Up to 6000 psig


NPS ½-¾


Up to +1000°F



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