Model PTM/PT7 2-Valve

ManifoldsAnderson Greenwood

Two valve calibration manifolds with a choice of metal and soft seats for static pressures up to 6000 psig (414 barg)

PTM two-valve calibration manifolds are used on static pressure transmitters, switches or gauges. The PT7 manifold is available for elevated temperatures with an integral metal seat and can be used for B31.1 applications. Available for panel or pipe stand mounting.

  • Cost savings of 20-30% when manifolding instruments by eliminating several parts used in conventional methods of ‘piping up’.
  • Compact design requires minimum space for operation and installation.
  • Shutoff valve, tee, calibration valve and all immediate tubing/fittings available in one simple manifold.
  • PTM’s unique valve seat can be converted from soft to hard simply by removing two insert washers.
  • Stem and bonnet threads are rolled for increased strength, preventing galling and adding years to the useful life of the valve.
  • Fewer leak points reduce leakage by having fewer parts to assemble.
  • PTFE and graphite adjustable packing is easily adjusted for leak-proof, long service life.
  • PTM’s O-ring stem seal stem design isolates the stem threads from the process, preventing galling and corrosion.
  • Back seat stem prevents blowout.

Technical Data




Up to 6000 psig




Up to +1000°F



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