Model MM5

ManifoldsAnderson Greenwood

Compact stainless steel five valve manifold incorporating mini-valve bonnets with an interchangeable hard or soft seat

Suitable for use in compact instrument control loops for flow metering and differential pressure transmitters; for mounting in control panels and for gas sampling equipment.

  • Remote mounting compact design requires minimum space for operation and installation with fewer potential leak points.
  • Reduced installation costs by manifolding the valves, eliminating several parts essential for ‘piping-up.’
  • Unique seat design enables conversion from metal to soft simply by fitting a soft seat and flow washer.
  • Soft seats are field replaceable for easy maintenance, extending valve life.
  • Rolled stem threads provide increased strength and smooth valve operation, extending valve life.
  • Back seat stem prevents blowout under pressure or during operation.
  • Threaded vent ports allow vent to be piped away safely. Supplied plugged as standard.
  • All manifolds supplied with mounting holes as standard to enable surface or cabinet mounting.

Technical Data




Up to 6000 psig




Up to +1000°F



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