Bleed Tee

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A single male inlet, triple female outlet piping tee

Generally used with the process root valve to simplify downstream piping and reduce the number of potential leak points, the Bleed Tee can be used with any ½” or ¾” valve in an instrument piping system and allows either vertical or horizontal pressure gauge mounting.

  • Multiple outlets reduce piping/tubing leak points and permit a pressure gauge or other device to be positioned correctly regardless of tee orientation.
  • Compact installation shortens moment arm, reducing weight and vibration factors. With stress limited, the chances of breakage and leaks are lowered greatly.
  • Straight-through flow path provides high flow capacity, bi-directional flow and rodding capabilities.
  • Optional bleed plug (as shown) can be assembled in one outlet to reduce pressure for instrument removal, facilitating maintenance.

Technical Data


Gage Valves


Up to 6000 psig




Up to +1000°F



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