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Enclosure SystemsAnderson Greenwood

Designed to provide protection for on-site instrumentation against the effects of climate, dust and dirt, accidental damage, corrosion and tampering, using an integrated enclosure arrangement

Enclosure systems are used to protect process instrument manifolds and transmitters, solenoid valves, general field instrumentation and remote chemical sealed instruments from the effects of cold temperature, water deluge, physical damage, environmental conditions and tampering.

  • Body and lid in tough glass-filled sheet molded polyester for maximum resistance to extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.
  • Optional viewing window allows instrument inspection without opening the enclosure.
  • Sealing strip ensures the enclosure is completely weatherproof to IP66.
  • Optional 20 mm molded isocyanurate foam insulation provides instrument protection down to -94°F (-70°C).
  • Enclosure manifolds designed to mount in the base or back of the enclosure, eliminating the need for internal mounting brackets or pipe stands.
  • Process and vent connections made on the outside directly into the manifold, remove the need for internal pipework, compression fittings and bulkheads.
  • 2” NB (50 mm) mounting collar with fixing bolt enables easy mounting directly onto a pipe stand.
  • Steam or electric heating systems can be custom designed. Precise enclosure temperature can be maintained with a wide range of heating accessories.
  • 316 stainless steel fasteners and fittings prevent corrosion in harsh environments.
  • Anti static enclosures available to suit specific applications.
  • Choice of low or high back-mounted manifold mounting options for instruments above (for liquid applications) or below the manifold (for gas applications).

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