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The F87L is a resilient seated double flange rubber disc check valve for reliable reverse flow protection in sewage/water applications

For general sewage/water distribution and pipeline service. Installed on the outlet of pump to prevent reverse flow.

∙ Double flanged design.
∙ The flap is totally encapsulated in NBR rubber for superior sealing and corrosion resistance.
∙ The flap rises above the flowpath reducing wear and allows for a flushing action during operation.
∙ All iron components are coated in fusion bond epoxy resin.
∙ Top entry cover allows for easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
∙ Full flow design for less head loss, less debris accumulation and easy maintenance.
∙ Lower open pressure and excellent seal performance of low pressure.
∙ Simple construction with the flap the only moving part.
∙ 45° seat angle reduces flap travel, minimising slamming and resultant pipe damaging water hammer.
∙ Accessories including limit switches and backflow actuator.

Technical Data


Resilient seated




+14°F - +176°F


NPS 2-24



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