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The F638 SE/S2 is an extreme heavy duty slurry control valve, with an extended body style and replaceable body sleeve.• Series E for heavy duty service• Series 2 for arduous duty service

• Bauxite slurries • Coal washeries • Tailing dispersal • Cement • Caustic • Sugar industry and tailings • Mud and sand dispersal • Mineral sands

  • Heavy robust construction.
  • Full repairability with replaceable internals for significantly extending valve life.
  • Extended body for protection of down stream piping.
  • Chrome Iron internals on the Series 2 coated with tungsten carbide.
  • Series 2 features tungsten carbide disc end spacers.
  • Swing through disc for minimal leakage at elevated temperatures.
  • Wing-style disc for optimum flow and wear resistance.
  • Venturi liner for improved flow control and thicker liner for wear resistance.
  • Improved mechanical seal to prevent the ingress of media to the bearing journals.
  • KTFE stem seals for ultimate resistance against caustic and acid applications.
  • Superior multiple stem seals.
  • Standardized mounting and drive adaptor connection allowing direct mounting of Keystone actuators and also allows for in-line actuator removal.
  • Manufactured under quality system ISO 9001:2000. Certificate No Mel 0400133.
  • Available with PED approval. Cert No: 0038/PED/MUM/0710020/1.

Technical Data


Control valve


Up to ASME 600


Up to +446°F


NPS 1½-24


Extended body - extreme heavy duty slurry



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