Model 115 (ASME)

Turbine Bypass valvesSempell

Steam turbine and boiler protection at steam turbine trip. Steam turbine bypass to cold reheat or condenser while boiler/turbine start-up and shut down

The high pressure steam bypass valves are used to transform steam, i.e. to reduce pressure and temperature of steam.

  • Pressure reduction by multi-stage controlled, subcritical expansion resulting in low noise.
  • Trim can be changed in the system
    • valve seat can be changed
    • cage can be changed.
  • Subsequently adjustment to changed operational conditions is possible.
  • Good adjustment to the task by optimum-staged Cv-value-series and large turn-down ratio.
  • Steam bypass over downstream two-fluid nozzle at outlet
    • integrated in restrictor
    • replaceable via flanges without bonnet disassembly.
  • Pressure seal bonnet.
  • Low maintenance gland (packing pure graphite) can be retightened.
  • Burnished valve stem.
  • Surfaces treated guiding faces on each moving part.
  • Optional
    • pressure balanced plug
    • hardfaced sealing faces
    • pre-warming and drain studs.
  • Easy storage of spare parts by modular design.
  • Universal connections by various design of welding ends as standard.
  • Deviating designs of welding ends in regard of dimension and material as well as designs with accessories according customers request.
  • Pickling resistant of trim.
  • All usual actuator types can be used.

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Up to Class 2500




NPS 3-16



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