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MONOVAR® is the energy dissipating valve

Application of MONOVAR®: - Water supply systems (reliability, pressure, cavitation), - Industrial flow, cooling and mixing systems (cavitation, sensitivity, pressure, reliability), - Head works of water treatment plant (reduced civil works, cavitation, reliability), - Laboratory test-rigs (sensitivity, absence of disturbances), - Turbine bypass (dams), - End of line, free discharge, - Replace variable speed pumps with constant flow or constant pressure pumps in combination with MONOVAR®, - Seawater applications on request.

  • Extremely simple design (patented)
  • Excellent cavitation characteristics
  • Very accurate flow or pressure control
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Suitable for flow measurement
  • Small sizes are available
  • Minimum flow disturbance
  • The flow is divided equally over a larger number of jets. This ensures an accurate and stable performance
  • These unique features, together with the wide range of construction materials make MONOVAR® valves an automatic choice in all severe industrial and water-supply situations requiring fluid flow control or of some associated characteristic, e.g. pressure, temperature and level
  • The design suppresses vibration, cavitation, pressure fluctuations and excess noise
  • Suitable for high velocity applications
  • Suitable for high pressure drop applications

Technical Data




Up to 725 psi


-58°F - +392°F


NPS 4-80



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