Model C600

Pressure Control ValvesCash Valve

A pressure relief valve for industrial gas service at temperatures down to -320°F (-196°C)

The C600 protects piping, storage tanks and process equipment used in the distribution of industrial gases against damage caused by liquefied gas expansion.

  • All valves are cleaned and packaged for oxygen service.
  • Bubble tight to 95% of set pressure.
  • Color coded labels for ease of set pressure identification.
  • PTFE and fluorosilicone seat materials provide leak free performance and longer cycle life.
  • Reseat pressure greater than 75% of set pressure.
  • Pipe away adapter available.
  • Tamper resistant adjustment screw.
  • Repeatable performance.
  • 100% factory tested.

Technical Data


Storage Tank


Up to 580.15 psig


-321°F - +199°F


NPS ¼-½



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