Model CHV (Angle body)

Choke ValvesVonk

Providing superior performance in abrasive environments, precise flow control and ease of maintenance, delivering operational reliability in the most challenging applications.

Vonk unique rotating disc choke valves have been designed for the upstream segment of the oil and gas market, excelling in applications with high differential pressure and abrasive fluids, including production, high pressure separators and well injection and fracturing applications.

  • Extended service life, delivered by a robust but simple rotating disc and bean design.
  • Low life cycle costs resulting from improved resistance to erosive production fluids.
  • Ease of maintenance and inspection, facilitated by removal of limited internals while valve remains in service.
  • Operational confidence and safety, guaranteed by 100% shut-off to Class V ANSI FCI-70.
  • Operational reliability with the capability of handling high pressure drops and delivering fixed Cv values.
  • Controlled environmental impact governed by reduced effects of noise and vibration.
  • Improved pressure recovery performance factor delivered by the unique bean and disk design.

Technical Data


Angle body


Up to Class 4500


-148°F - +572°F


NPS 1-8



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