Figure 5600

Fully WeldedFCT

The ideal valve to minimise any risk of fugitive emissions from flanges in the natural gas and oil industry.

The Fig. 5600 valves have been designed for gas transportation and gas distribution applications. Standard oil and gas applications are also recommended.

  • Ball valves, trunnion mounted, fully welded to significantly reduce or eliminate fugitive emissions.
  • Design, manufacturing and materials comply with the Essential Safety Requirements of the 97/23 EC Directive (PED).
  • Trunnion mounted fully welded ball valve Fig. 5600 are exclusively manufactured in forged materials, large size valves included.
  • Bidirectional valves, double block and bleed, allowing the venting and the draining of the body cavity, in both open and closed position.
  • Two seat designs available:
    • single piston effect (standard) providing self relieving of the body cavity overpressure
    • double piston effect providing double barrier (safety valve requested for cavity pressure relieving on liquid applications)
  • Significant reduction of torque values necessary to operate the valve.
  • Product certified in compliance with PED and ATEX requirements.
  • The valves are Firesafe certified according to the API 6FA, ISO 10497 Ed.1992, API 607 Ed.3 and BS 6755 part II.
  • Pressure parts components designed according to ASME VIII-2. Rating & class according to ASME B16.34.

Technical Data


Trunnion mounted 1pc


Up to Class 900


-76°F - +392°F


NPS 2-56