Model OM-2 Split Body

Soft Seated, Flanged EndKTM

A new generation of ball valves with fugitive emission control and ISO mounting pad

Pulp and paper, reactive monomers, oil and gas production, steam, hot gases, toxic and lethal, fire-safe and flammables Option • Shaft extension • For cryogenic, oxygen and vacuum services • Special painting • Special tests - X-ray (RT) - Liquid penetrant (PT) - Positive Material Identification (PMI)

  • Superior valve design at a competitive price.
  • Fugitive emissions control for flammable and non-flammable applications.
  • Valve fugitive emissions capability third party certified to ISO 15848-1.
  • Machined ISO actuator mounting pad.
  • Pure white E-seat (PTFE/PFA copolymer) seal relieves concern over product contamination.
  • Positive alignment of split body.
  • Fire test certified to API 607 5th edition and ISO 10497.
  • PTFE bearing and packing rings reduce wear.
  • Lower operating torque for ease of operation and reduced actuator cost.
  • Positive position indication.
  • Blowout-proof shaft.
  • NACE MR-01-75 available on request.
  • Locking device is available.
  • Static electricity grounding device.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 certified quality system.
  • CE marking PED 97/23/EC as standard.
  • Various seat types are available. In addition to standard E-seat, various seats are available in following variety. Each seat option will meet a wide range of performance, suitable for many applications.
    • PTFE/PFA copolymer
    • E-seat (standard)*
    • PEEK-seat (option)
    • Gratite®-seat (option)
    • Metaltite®-seat (option)
      • Please refer to the Pressure-Temperature rating

Technical Data


Floating 2pc


Up to Class 300


-20°F - +518°F


NPS ½-10



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