ICON 2000


ICON200v4 scores an important goal in the valve/actuator process diagnostics and advanced maintenance program

The ICON 2000 is available in five sizes and is designed for on/off or modulating operation of valves used in heavy industrial, chemical and petrochemical plants.

  • Release 2004 was engineered as an improvement and optimization of the performances of the existing ICON2000 and totally interchangeable with Release 2000
  • Actuator operation, setting and diagnostics are available via the integral user-friendly push-button panel
  • Bluetooth™, radiofrequency wireless connector based on a qualified Bluetooth™ class 1 module(**)
  • Watertight and explosion-proof PDAs are available from Biffi Italia for actuator operation, download of diagnostic info, non-intrusive upgrading of firmware and for maintenance purposes through Bluetooth™
  • Enhanced hardware and software performances to offer:
    • advanced maintenance data including reports on the last opening and closing position/torque curves with relative parameters and with direct comparisons with torque signature;
    • detailed and updated information on actuator internal parameters with precise and clear alarm reports, with both General and Recent (partial) log;
    • ‘Data logger’ function for collecting different types of data for maintenance or diagnostic programs, available both in:
    • RECORDER mode for measurement and memorization of main actuator internal parameters with configurable SAMPLING TIME and START DATE and TIME
    • EVENT mode with memorization of OPEN or CLOSE commands, including indication of source, date and time with configurable START DATE and TIME
  • Customized displays:
    • Numeric: 31/2 digits, for the indication of position or torque
    • Graphic: 32x122 dots, for a complete diagnostic user-friendly communication with the operator
    • Backlights
    • Heater
    • 8 selectable languages as standard
  • A single enhanced-type terminal board
  • Advanced open bus communication protocols:
    • Lonworks
    • Profibus DPV0, DPV1 and Redundant DPV1
    • Foundation Fieldbus
    • Modbus
    • Hart
(**) US and Italy patented Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA

Technical Data




Up to 690 V


-22°F - +185°F

Output torque:

Up to 340000 Nm



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