Emerson's Automation Solutions has a comprehensive portfolio of technologies for water security, environmental protection, water storage, water pressure management, desalination, distribution, water conservation reuse/recycle, industrial processes, transmission, and treatment of various water supply systems.

Whether it’s finding a new water source, building a new plant or pipeline, or optimizing an existing one, Emerson has a water solution that performs a range of duties such as isolation, control, measurement, reverse flow and backflow prevention, pressure management and reduction, clean, reinjection or safe disposal of industrial processed water systems, leak detection, and reduction.

The following are some of Emerson's industry-leading products:

  • Keystone butterfly valves
  • Vanessa triple-offset valves
  • RMI butterfly and gate valves
  • Sapag butterfly valves, axial non-slam check valves
  • Monovar control valves 
  • Biffi electric actuators 
  • Whessoe Varec biogas products, flame arrestors, emergency pressure and manhole covers