Oil & gas

Emerson's Automation Solutions helps serve the world’s global energy needs by partnering with the world’s oil and gas companies. Standing the test of time, Emerson's industry-leading brands, advanced technologies and aftermarket services have helped oil and gas companies in severe applications protect assets, manage flow, and maximize efficiency to maintain top production levels in the most hazardous and demanding environments.

Whether it’s upstream, midstream and downstream processes, Emerson offers a complete range of valves, controls, and automation solutions that are ideally suited for extreme pressures and temperatures in severe services that demand high integrity, zero-leakage performance, isolation, pressure protection, emergency shutdown, and low-pressure storage vessels, tanks, and pipelines.

Emerson is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and effective solutions specifically designed to meet all phases of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) value chain including upstream gas reserves, liquefaction plants, LNG storage tanks, LNG carriers, and regasification.

Emerson's oil and gas industry-leading products include:

  • Anderson Greenwood/ Crosby pressure and vacuum safety-relief valves
  • Biffi actuators (electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic)
  • Fasani gate, globe, and check valves 
  • FCT trunnion-mounted ball valves (high integrity, high pressure, and cryogenic)
  • Keystone K-LOK high-performance butterfly valves
  • Vanessa zero-leakage triple-offset valves 
  • Vonk high-performance rotary-disc choke valves

Reliable Flow Management Solutions for Oil & Gas


Flow Solutions Brochure for LNG