Chemical & Petrochemical

By working in close collaboration with customers and key industry and technology players, Emerson has helped open new market opportunities and create new innovations relative to safety and improved environmental performance. Emerson solves critical application needs for the most challenging, corrosive, and erosive chemical and petrochemical processes.

From new construction projects to regular maintenance and onsite service, Emerson's Automation Solutions focuses on the individual needs of chemical and petrochemical customers, helping them be successful wherever they are in the world. Emerson’s leading engineering and specialist teams provide expert consultancy and support to improve the reliability and performance of the valves and controls in customer plants and provide a competitive edge.

Emerson’s combination of global service expertise, high-performance pressure management solutions, emergency shutdown systems, and sophisticated automation technology help maximize a chemical or petrochemical plant’s reliability, efficiency, ongoing production up-time, and cost effectiveness while reducing risk to plant personnel, assets, and the environment.

The following are some of our industry-leading products:

  • Anderson-Greenwood/Crosby safety relief valves
  • Biffi electric heavy-duty actuators
  • Keystone high-performance butterfly valves
  • KTM ball valves
  • Neotecha lined valves
  • Vanessa zero-leakage triple-offset valves

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