Engineered to reduce costs and improve the bottom line

Make every dollar count. Produce more each day. Extend equipment life. Streamline operations. Sound familiar? There’s no escaping the challenges of mining. That’s why we're here to help you deal with them head on.

We don't just sell slurry control equipment-we help you solve problems and improve your bottom line. If you're looking to control costs, boost production, optimize lifecycle value across your operation, here's one new product development you can deploy right away.

Enjoy peace of mind

Rest assured that the Clarkson SU10R is engineered to excel in abrasive applications. The valve features a full round port to reduce velocity and turbulence through the valve and a fully rated 316 stainless steel gate with optional 17-4 ph to improve abrasion resistance.

The versatile performer in slurry applications

The Clarkson SU10R can replace conventional and short pattern slurry knife gate valves. The SU10R is a true pressure vessel that does not discharge to atmosphere when cycled. It complies with MSS SP-81 face-to-face dimensions and is available with a range of actuation options.