Unlock a Lifetime of Savings

A full-round port with advanced seat design places the elastomer seat outside the flow path. This minimizes turbulence to greatly extend the life of the valve and protect downstream pipework delivering longer service life and lower cost of ownership.

Get Peace of Mind

Rest assured that the OS1700 is engineered to excel in high pressure, abrasive applications. It is also an excellent choice to protect against process pressure spikes that would damage an ordinary knife gate valve and associated equipment

High pressure? No problems.

Full pressure rated to ASME 150, the Keystone OS1700 has been engineered to get the job done in tough conditions. Designed to MSS-SP135 short pattern face-to-face that also matches MSS-SP81 for simple installation, the OS1700 is available in sizes NPS 2 - 48 (DN 50 - 1200) with operating temperatures up to 400°F (200°C).